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We coordinate services and advocate for resources for the Pacific Islander community in Oregon. This includes setting up COVID-19 testing drives, distributing financial relief, and distributing face masks and cleaning products!

We also organize to advocate for better data and greater investment from local and state health authorities.

Interested in getting involved? Want to fund our work? In need of resources?

Email us: [email protected]

What is the resource directory?

The concept for PI Resource Directory was created during the Covid-19 pandemic by the Pacific Islander Coalition in Portland, Oregon.

There was a need to create a list of businesses, NGOs, Government Offices, and other entities that could supply resources for the Pacific Islander Communities.

The directory is maintained (for now) by Living Islands Non-Profit as part of their mission to support Pacific Islanders. The long term goal is to hand off the directory to a community-wide organization for long term maintenance and support.

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