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COVID-19 Vaccination Discussion Representing OPIC at the State’s Vaccine Advisory Committee Have the responsibility of supporting the State in determining how we sequence distribution of the vaccine Governor’s Office shared that the deadline for sequencing is January 31st Dr.Duldulao gave feedback to the governor’s office on how it is pitting communities against each otherDo not feel set up for successLeann Johnson updated that they will be making the meetings more transactional because of feedback around not being able to get through all important agenda itemsThe next meeting is on January 14, 2021Washington is advanced and has an application sharing where they are in vaccine distribution The plan is to come up with recommendations to share with the State such asExpanding definitions to reflect community/cultural practices Expanding the category of congregate We are still in Phase INational Guard is leading vaccination this weekend at the State Fair GroundsThe goal is to vaccinate 12K people a day/ hope to vaccinate 300-400K people in Phase I but only have vaccinated at 70K so farTeachers are in front of the line of Phase 1BNot set in stone how we define essential worker Current sequencing does not include groups by race/ethnicityPartially because data at the national level / CDC is really bad,...

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